The technologies and methodologies we use today become industry best practices tomorrow.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We build Cognitive agents that...
  • take sophisticated actions to accomplish complex goals
  • explore large problem spaces with collaboration across sensors
  • discover hidden patterns to determine adversary activity
  • assist human analysts to support the mission
We build Computer Vision systems that...
  • combine multiple phenomonologies to detect objects
  • perform detection, localization, and segmentation
  • scale from enterprise level to on-board applications
  • can identify emerging hard targets with few examples
We build Natural Language Processing solutions that...
  • analyze text to identify key entities and attributes
  • combine traditional techniques with cutting-edge models
  • support document classification with a limited corpus
  • improve over time with online learning
We build Anomaly Detection tools that...
  • interrogate time series datasets to find outliers
  • provide real-time processing for high velocity data feeds
  • establish patterns of life and alert analysts of anomalies
  • leverage spatiotemporal datasets to determine activities

Cloud-Native Applications

We develop applications Optimized for Cloud deployment
  • We are comfortable building stateless designs and developing microservices for effective client/server architectures.
  • We are experienced building both cloud-agnostic solutions and solutions that maximize cloud services depending on the mission needs.
We Transform Legacy applications
  • We don’t push products. We first assess requirements and then choose the right technology stack and architecture for the job.
  • We use an analytical approach to determine if legacy apps should be ported, refactored, or redesigned for cloud or virtualized environments
We develop high Performing and Scaling apps
  • Our apps are designed to dynamically scaled vertically and horizontally.
  • We optimize applications for high-throughput real-time missions
We Automate requirement verification
  • Our apps have automated tests that verify requirements regularly.
  • We employ black box and white box testing to create robust apps.

Algorithm Development

We accelerate algorithms with GPU Hardware by...
  • performing general purpose (GP) efficiently programming with CUDA
  • training neural networks more efficiently
  • developing image processing techniques to quickly find targets
  • incorporating RAPIDS to accelerate the data science pipeline
We leverage Signal Processing expertise to...
  • perform Fourier analysis for multiple phenomonologies
  • model sensor collection to generate simulated datasets
  • transform and filter data to maximize SNR for signals of interest
  • develop EO and SAR solutions that improve product quality
We build High Performance Compute systems that...
  • deliver memory-efficient algorithms for processing
  • leverage C++ or Rust for reduced processing timelines
  • incorporate the latest open source libraries for parallelization
  • support vertical and horizontal scalability
We build Modelling and Simulation tools that...
  • create virtual environments for training AI systems
  • can predict performance across design parameters
  • allow for testing applications with more realistic data feeds
  • visualize effects to inform users and decision makers


We develop Automated CI/CD pipelines
  • Our CI/CD Pipelines are tailored to meet the needs for a given software architecture and integrate naturally into the agile workflow.
  • Robust, secure software solutions are delivered without slowing down delivery timelines.
We develop Configuration as Code
  • All environment configuration is managed to make replication and debugging easier.
  • We provide single-click deployments and environment clones.
We build Seamless Low-to-High environments
  • We can replicate environments and pipelines across security domains while injecting security domain specific code and configuration.
  • We have been developing Dual Security Environments since 2012.
We automate Security and Quality Control
  • We set code test coverage and quality thresholds that thoroughly and objectively assess code prior to being promoted.
  • We perform vulnerability checks on our software and all FOSS/COTS dependencies.

User Experience Design

We make complex solutions Simple and Accessible
  • Cutting-edge solutions can be overwhelming to non-experts. We remove those barriers and make a seamless experience where the end user isn't aware of the complexities behind the scenes (competitive analysis, technology evaluation, design R&D)
We deliver solutions that are Useful and Impactful
  • We conducted user-research early to understand the real needs and wants of the actual end-user (concept vetting, workflow diagraming, requirements generation)
We gain user advocates and Increase User Adoption
  • Users get a direct say in the solution flow and design, gaining ownership early (user research, persona generation, mockups, A/B testing, interaction design)
We build beautiful software
  • Elegant architectures combine with interface design, where we balance modern design aesthetic with existing customer constraints, expectations, and user skill/familiarity levels (interface design, branding)