User Experience Design

Elevate Experience, Reduce Noise

At Stratagem, we strive to create holistically useful solutions. That means we need a combination of powerful and complex technologies, merged with a solution that is intuitive to use and pleasing to work with. Our custom UX process leverages new industry approaches and traditional Systems Engineering tactics to support mission-critical defense applications; tailored to fit the needs of each program.

User Experience (UX) ensures that our solutions have real, measurable mission value. Our UX engineers are embedded in our development teams and agile process to enable successful collaboration and rapid adjustments in support of that mission value.

    We make complex solutions Simple and Accessible by…

    • removing noise and confusion in workflows
    • creating intuitive interfaces
    • making a seamless experience where the end user isn’t aware of the complexities behind the scenes
    • reducing training time to learn a new system with obvious interfaces, or contextual helpers
    • leveraging approaches such as: competitive analysis, technology evaluation, design R&D

    We deliver solutions that are Useful and Impactful by…

    • conducting user-research early to understand the real needs and wants of the actual end-user
    • understanding pain-points, likes/dislikes in current and future workflows
    • iterating on research and design with end-users to identify value areas
    • leveraging approaches such as: concept vetting, workflow diagraming, requirements generation

    We gain user advocates and Increase User Adoption by…

    • incorporating direct user input for the solution flow and design
    • creating user advocates with a sense of ownership, early
    • leveraging approaches such as: user research, persona generation, mockups, A/B testing, interaction design

    We build beautiful software that…

    • combines elegant architectures with interface design
    • balances modern design aesthetic with existing customer constraints, expectations, and user skill/familiarity levels
    • people want to use, and will ENJOY (interface design, branding).