Developing Secure, Robust, Reliable Software

We employ a DevSecOps pipeline on every Stratagem program to ensure delivery of elegant, robust, reliable, and compliant software solutions. Our expertise and recognition in this field is widely known, as we actively support multiple flagship DevSecOps programs for the IC and DoD. 

On these efforts, we build next-gen Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) toolsets; including support to the DoD’s Platform ONE. Our experts are also defining a revolutionary development and test environment for the Air Force Skyborg program to enable large development teams to remotely access sensitive code and perform robust testing to deliver on-board, autonomous capabilities. 

We develop Automated CI/CD pipelines

  • Our CI/CD Pipelines are tailored to meet the needs for a given software architecture and integrate naturally into the agile workflow.
  • Robust, secure software solutions are delivered without slowing down delivery timelines.

We develop Configuration as Code

  • All environment configuration is managed to make replication and debugging easier.
  • We provide single-click deployments and environment clones.

We build Seamless, Multi-Security Domain environments

  • We can replicate environments and pipelines across security domains while injecting security domain specific code and configuration.
  • We have been developing Dual Security Environments since 2012.

We automate Security and Quality Control

  • We set code test coverage and quality thresholds that thoroughly and objectively assess code prior to being promoted.
  • We perform vulnerability checks on our software and all FOSS/COTS dependencies.