Cloud-Optimized Applications

Building Scalable, Resilient Applications for the Cloud

Our customers view the cloud as an ideal environment to provide high availability and dynamic scalability with a low barrier to entry. For these reasons, designing cloud-optimized applications has become one of our most important offerings. 

Stratagem cloud architects are experts at decomposing complex, mission-critical systems into containerized microservices. We leverage cloud services to integrate, host, and scale these modular components. One of our flagship operational systems received high praise from an independent AWS auditor, saying, “it aligns more closely to cloud best practices than any solution they’ve seen.”

Cloud Optimized Applications

We develop applications Optimized for Cloud deployment

  • We build stateless designs and developing microservices for effective client/server architectures.
  • We have expertise building solutions that are cloud-agnostic and those that maximize cloud services.

We Transform Legacy applications

  • We don’t push products. We first assess requirements and then choose the right technology stack and architecture for the job.
  • We use an analytical approach to determine if legacy apps should be ported, refactored, or redesigned for cloud or virtualized environments.

We develop high Performing and Scalable microservices

  • Our apps are designed to dynamically scale vertically and horizontally.
  • We optimize applications for high-throughput, real-time missions.

We Automate requirement verification

  • Our apps have automated tests that verify requirements regularly.
  • We employ black box and white box testing to create robust apps.