AI & Machine Learning

Enhancing Human Creativity with AI

Through our development of cutting-edge applications ranging from deep-space anomaly detection to remote-sensing resource management, we have witnessed first-hand the tremendous potential in the “human-machine team.” 

These experiences have helped inform our philosophy for AI, which values: transparency, extensibility, accuracy, timeliness, and ethics. When users trust and adopt AI solutions, human creativity is elevated. We believe that future human adoption of AI agents can lead to profound conclusions and virtually unbounded discovery.

We build Cognitive Agents that…

  • take sophisticated actions to accomplish complex goals using Reinforcement Learning
  • explore large problem spaces with collaboration across sensors
  • discover hidden patterns to determine adversary activity
  • assist human analysts to support the mission

We build Computer Vision systems that…

  • combine multiple phenomenologies and leverage contextual information for object detection
  • perform detection, localization, and segmentation
  • scale from on-board applications to enterprise level
  • provide transparency into model performance to gain user trust

We build Natural Language Processing solutions that…

  • analyze text to identify key entities and attributes
  • combine traditional techniques with cutting-edge models for increased robustness
  • support document classification with a limited corpus
  • improve over time with online learning

We build Anomaly Detection tools that…

  • interrogate time series datasets to find outliers
  • provide real-time processing for high velocity data feeds
  • establish patterns of life and alert analysts of anomalies
  • leverage spatiotemporal datasets to determine characterize activities