Algorithm Development

Designing and Delivering Cutting-Edge Algorithms

Our team of scientists and mathematicians is energized by studying truly complex technical problems. We apply strong phenomenology expertise and first principles approaches to design effective algorithms across several domains. 

We have leveraged these skills to perform advanced real-time filtering for the Space Force and robust signal processing of commercial imagery. Not only can we design novel prototypes, but we have the software expertise to deliver high-performance compute applications into operational environments.

We accelerate algorithms with GPU Hardware by…

  • performing efficient general purpose (GP) programming with CUDA
  • training neural networks more efficiently
  • developing image processing techniques to quickly find targets
  • incorporating RAPIDS to accelerate the data science pipeline

We leverage Signal Processing expertise to…

  • perform Fourier analysis for multiple phenomenologies
  • model sensor collection to generate simulated datasets
  • transform and filter data to maximize SNR for signals of interest
  • develop Electro-Optical (EO) and Synthetic Aperture RADAR (SAR) solutions that improve product quality

We build High Performance Compute systems that…

  • deliver memory-efficient algorithms for processing
  • leverage C++ or Rust for reduced processing timelines
  • incorporate the latest open-source libraries for parallel computing and distributed processing
  • support vertical and horizontal scalability

We build Modelling and Simulation tools that…

  • create virtual environments for training AI systems
  • derive objective functions and use advanced optimization techniques to find optimal parameters to minimize/maximize the objective functions
  • can predict performance across design parameters
    allow for testing applications with more realistic data feeds
  • visualize effects to inform users and decision makers