Jason Putnam

President & Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner


As President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jason is responsible for creating and implementing Stratagem’s vision and mission.

After joining Stratagem in 2014, Jason established a new company vision of becoming an elite software development and R&D shop that solves challenging and exciting mission problems. During his tenure as CEO, Jason grew Stratagem from a team of 11 to over 50 while establishing offices in Colorado and Pennsylvania. He established new business practices which allowed Stratagem to grow and thrive as both a prime and subcontractor, without sacrificing its small business culture. Jason hand-picked the Stratagem leadership team and has empowered them to build their organizations while adhering to Stratagem’s “People First” philosophy. Jason states, “At Stratagem, we strive to take care of our people and the mission. Regardless of position or experience, the team is supported and expected to take care of each other. Our employees perform their responsibilities at a high level and do the right thing.”

Jason brings over 25 years of leadership and mission knowledge to the position. Jason served eight years in the United States Army as a Signals Intelligence Analyst where he led missions around the world. After the military, he then worked as a defense contractor for 13 years performing in various roles. In his program management role, he was responsible for leading a team of more than 100 engineers. Along the way, Jason developed a philosophy that has come to define his role as a leader: “Take care of your people, so they can focus on the mission.” Jason holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Colorado State University.

In Jason’s free time, he can be found enjoying time with his family in the Colorado mountains. Jason enjoys camping with his wife and three sons, riding dirt bikes and RZRs. He also enjoys watching his youngest son’s baseball team, along with supporting all the Denver sports teams. Jason appreciates visiting his family’s cattle ranch in South Dakota and travels there yearly to help work the ranch.

“If only you knew the power you have – you’d be yourself more often” - unknown

Fun Fact #1

Jason spent 7 years, 5 months, and 12 days in the Army

Fun Fact #2

Jason, a proud Midwesterner, did not step in the ocean for the first time until age 21

Fun Fact #3

Jason makes a great Santa Claus ever year at Stratagem’s December All Hands meeting