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Brian Bontempo - Stratagem - Make a Lasting Impact

Brian Bontempo

Chief Technology Officer & Managing Partner


As Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Brian is responsible for developing compelling corporate capabilities, fostering technical innovation, and building uniquely talented teams.

Brian joined Stratagem in 2019 and is responsible for defining the company’s technical vision and cultivating an elite team of engineers and scientists. During his time as CTO, Brian has established Stratagem’s Tech Titan Teams, a unique construct that brings together passionate, creative engineers and encourages the exploration of new technologies to enhance the quality of solutions across the portfolio. To expand Stratagem’s offerings beyond software development, Brian has grown the research team 10-fold to establish it as a premier R&D company for DoD and Intelligence Community. Brian has also served as Stratagem’s Chief artificial intelligence (AI) Scientist and has grown the AI footprint by theorizing, authoring, and executing novel projects for developing next-gen cognitive agents.

Brian is establishing a corporate roadmap and vision for technology advancement in order to solve the government’s hardest problems, drive sustainable business growth, and secure exciting work for Stratagem employees. Brian explains, “Working hard and having a great time aren’t mutually exclusive. I love building teams comprised of kind-hearted, fun engineers that happen to be exceptionally talented.”

Prior to joining Stratagem, Brian served as the AI strategy and technical lead for a $1B+ portfolio of programs and projects for a large defense contractor. He was the principle investigator for a $5M AI research project involving computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning resiliency, reinforcement learning, and game theory. As a functional manager, Brian provided mentorship and career guidance for roughly 20 research scientists. He was the Chief Engineer for several SAR signal processing programs, including those involving image formation and image artifact mitigation. Brian was awarded a prestigious government program office coin for these efforts. Brian also built image chain modeling, simulation, and analysis tools to help drive mode selection for experimental electro-optical systems that are still used in operations today. Brian graduated summa cum laude with his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Penn State in Engineering Science.

When Brian is not geeking out with the team, he loves spending time outdoors with his family and obsessing over his fig trees. He is always looking for problems to solve with his hands at home – a love he is already passing on to his three boys.

“Shallow brooks make the most noise; still water runs deep” - unknown

Fun Fact #1

Brian’s favorite place is the bottom of the Grand Canyon because it’s not what you’d expect

Fun Fact #2

Brian and his three boys love the outdoors – especially taking care of his many fig trees

Fun Fact #3

Bontempo means “Good Times” in Italian