Transforming Streaming Spatio-Temporal Data into Knowledge and Action in Real-Time

Alpha K is an AI-powered spatiotemporal stream processor inspired by the sophisticated OpenAI Five and Deepmind AlphaStar architectures; both of which demonstrated superhuman performance on complex video games. AlphaK transforms streaming data (outputs from Automatic Target Recognition (ATR)) into detections of anomalous activity and complex behaviors. The model leverages advanced AI techniques, like scatter connections, to efficiently combine spatial and temporal data and deliver powerful situational awareness information.

With a government-generated evaluation dataset, AlphaK demonstrated greater than 95% accuracy for classifying multiple challenging behaviors while delivering extremely low latency. The AlphaK architecture has been deployed on AWS GovCloud with containerized microservices and demonstrated autoscaling to quickly meet mission demands. AlphaK has also been embedded in a Deep RL Framework to transform streaming data into sensor tasking recommendations required to accomplish high-level objectives.

AlphaK Offers:

  • Next-Gen AI: AlphaK uses cutting edge techniques from academia and the commercial sector to create a unique network that combines static, contextual data with streaming spatio-temporal observations to derive knowledge and take action.
  • Proven Accuracy: The AlphaK model has been tested with independently generated government evaluation data. The results were stellar – greater than 95% accuracy for real-time, streaming activity prediction with extremely low latency. The model also showed the ability to recommend productive actions when embedded in an RL framework.
  • Transparent, Clean Visualizations: AlphaK leverages a Stratagem-developed intuitive web-based visualization tool, called Agent Oracle, to provide situational awareness and clearly communicate AlphaK performance. This tool allows for missions to be “played back” while showing the key metrics needed to evaluate model performance and data integrity.
  • Cloud-Optimized & Scalable: AlphaK includes a robust, modular architecture that is optimized for the cloud and efficiently leverages AWS autoscaling services to dynamically adjust resources based on mission demands. This helps customers meet timelines while minimizing cloud costs.

Mission Highlights