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Enabling Near-Realtime Flight-Plan Changes through Enhanced Vector Estimation and our UX Process.

Users of a space-based SATCOM system need the ability to re-point the space-based antennas in near-real-time when their flight plans change. Dawndraco’s Enhanced Vector Estimation provides tactical users the ability to generate new pointing data despite limited user telemetry or location data. In combination with enhanced vectoring, Dawndraco provides an intuitive 2D map User Interface optimized to reduce clicks and manual entry errors. Dawndraco has reduce for inflight re-pointing time from 1 hour to 1 minute.

The Dawndraco User Interface was developed using Stratagem’s iterative User Experience (UX) process. It defines the Experience Architecture and leverages Key Performance Indicators to maximize end-user value. For Dawndraco, maximum end-user value was achieved by reducing manual input time without introducing entry error.  The customer called Dawndraco “a beautiful tool that gives us the ability to change mission plans in real-time.”

Dawndraco Offers:

  • Enhanced Vector Estimation: Despite limited user telemetry and location data, Dawndraco is able to accurately extrapolate a user’s position to re-point space-based SATCOM antennas to close communication links.
  • A Streamlined User Interface that Maximizes End-User Performance: A user interface workflow was designed to optimize manual entry speed and reduce the probability of user error. Dawndraco provides a quick start guide and an in-app user guide. The intuitive UI minimizes the need for formal training.
  • Seamless Enterprise Integration: Dawndraco was developed as an independent application that was integrated into an existing SATCOM system and leveraged data services from three separate government agencies. Utilizing cloud-based test environments reduced integration risk and final integration was complete in less than one week with zero defects.
  • Full Customer Ownership: Dawndraco was developed with unlimited government rights, and it was delivered to a 3rd party contractor for operations and maintenance. Dawndraco’s modular design and simple architecture made transfer of ownership seamless and issue-free.

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