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OPIR: Tasking, Mission Management, Processing, Exploitation, Intel Analysis for National and DoD Missions
SATCOM: Service Management, Resource Optimization, Real-Time C2 for National and DoD Missions
Space Domain Awareness: Mission Management, Real-Time Data Analytics & Exploitation for DoD Missions
EO & SAR: Mission Management, Exploitation for National and DoD Missions
SIGINT: SIGINT: Tasking, Mission Management, Exploitation, Intel Analysis for National and Tactical Missions

Mission HIGHLIGHT: Lumos

Lumos provides real-time Space Domain Awareness (SDA) data quality assessment, monitoring, and alerting, while also leveraging artificial intelligence to recommend optimal collections. Lumos combines measurements from space-based SDA sensors and known positions of deep space satellites to assess the quality of sensor observations in real-time.

In addition to analyzing data after it has been collected, Lumos identifies effective collection plans to accurately characterize objects with all available space-based SDA sensors. Lumos makes recommendations on optimal sensor collection strategies that greatly reduce space object uncertainty – allowing analysts to pinpoint a space object’s position and velocity. This optimization process will leverage machine learning in concert with a genetic algorithm to estimate the value of a given collection and determine the optimal windows of availability for co-collection.

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