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Software Technology Firm for DoD & IC | Stratagem Group
We Are Your Mission Partners

A Software Technology Company for the Mission Obsessed

Stratagem is a boutique software development company offering custom applications development and advanced R&D for the DoD and Intelligence Community Missions.

The Stratagem Difference

Stratagem is a home for people who are passionate about technology and love the exquisite nature of our customers’ missions. Our unique combination of experienced mission professionals who double as master technologists establishes us as a unique entity: a boutique software company who crafts special-purpose solutions tailored for our customers’ needs.

At Stratagem, we Run Small but Play Big. We bring the energy, agility, and innovation of a startup, and combine it with the infrastructure and mission-knowledge of an established defense contractor. The combination provides our customers with a better way of building missions.


Our tech-experts have the freedom to explore and leverage the latest tools and techniques to solve our customers’ most challenging problems.


Stratagem has the ability to safely bring cutting-edge technology solutions to missions that require extremely high availability.

Our mission expertise enables us to navigate capability and security risks so our IC and DoD customers can gain a technology edge while retaining mission availability and reliability. 

Stratagem People / Culture

At Stratagem, we have a people-first culture. Our entire business model is designed to attract and retain elite talent. We purposefully seek projects that will keep our employees interested and growing.

We chase good people and good mission, not revenue. Our culture is intended to create an empowering environment where kindness, hard work, and honesty are valued and rewarded.

We want Stratagem to be the last company you work for.

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